Welcome To Our Art
Our Current Show
      "Flowers and Figures"
      June 30 - July 31, 2014

      Paintings and Drawings by
      Marian Gliese
      Cathy Z Sawdey

This show provides insights on how two artists that work with very different subject matter and in
different media can still have line and form in common to produce work that is complementary.

"Moving Man III"
  Char- kole Pastel by Cathy Z Sawdey

"Sweet Lily"
Oil by Marian Gliese 

 Cathy Z Sawdey

Cathy works with Char-kole pastels on paper, making marks with the energy she sees expended in the twisting and arching figures she draws.  "I like to feel the muscular strength and reach into their three dimensional space, matching my drawing to the transient movement of the human form.  I return to the human figure continually because I understand it in terms of a form I inhabit.  Moving the Char-kole allows me to pour my own living thought onto paper, pushing and pressing lines to capture the movement of tautly strained muscles and shifting weight.  After the model leaves, I want my drawings to retain this life." 

                     Marian Gliese                                 

Marian isolates and simplifies natural forms to emphasize their artistic value and maximizes the space on her canvases to create bold and closeup compositions that force the viewer to see the painting as a whole.  "I see art everywhere in nature and my work is an interpretation of the way I see nature combined with the inspiration of the works of other artists and pop culture.  The style of my artwork is feminine but strong and direct."


Please join Cathy, Marian, other Artists' Gallery members
 and fellow art lovers
at our Opening Reception:

 Friday, July 11, 2014
From 6 - 8 PM

We will have beverages and finger food
for you to enjoy during the reception

We Look forward to seeing you

The Artists' Gallery is a member-owned gallery representing media that include oils, 
watercolors, collage, acrylic, pastels, colored pencil, charcoal, traditional photography,
hand-colored photography, digital photography, stained glass, clay, mixed media, and wood objects d'art.

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